Excellent New TV Series

I’ve just about finished the first (and only so far) season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which still has a few more episodes rolling out. It is by far the most intelligent series I have ever watched. I have watched a lot of the more intelligent ones, including dramas such as The Wire, Orange is the New Black, and True Detective, and comedy critiquing and exposing absurdities in popular culture and current events such as South Park or general smart ones such as Modern Family. I am enthralled by the explosion of creativity and innovation in television and Netflix series, which comprise the new, major artistic outlet of our time. But Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is like nothing I have ever seen before. It breaks all the rules so that it may rise to levels I didn’t know were possible to reach in film. The jokes are made so quickly it’s impossible to catch them all. It hits every part of the spectrum in human emotion and it actually says things that are deep about the human condition. It isn’t afraid to be deep. Thank god, in a world that sensationalizes the superficial, simple, and mundane, we have something like this television series.