This blog aims to think outside the box, offering perspectives and observations on modern culture that are meant to get readers to think. This is a personal blog; I don’t try to make claims that are objectively true. They are just my take. The goal is to open up a dialogue and to hopefully entertain readers with something different.

This is a place for the crazy ones, the misfits, and the rebels. This is a place to question yourself and everything you think you know. This is a place to come together and get inspired, whether you are heavily involved in our society and feeling a little empty or a little afraid to diverge from your path or you are a hermit, stowed away in your tiny apartment, too overwhelmed by the demands of the world and the difficulties you have connecting with others. Perhaps you are a wanderer. Maybe your life feels perfect, but even you have plenty of room to get inspired and live and think more deeply and meaningfully.

I believe we are all utterly and completely free. We submit to our own limitations and the limitations imposed on us by society and its conditioning. We are free to do anything and be anybody if only we could have the courage.

You’re not alone.





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