Entrepreneurship: fueled by privilege?

Entrepreneurs all believe one thing in common: there is a solution to any given problem. Risk for them is perceived as much less of a threat, because they know they could handle unforeseen problems by solving that problem when it arises.

In short, problems are things not to be feared but to be handled or avoided if possible.

Is entrepreneurship an endeavor reserved for the privileged? To an extent, yes. Generally, people with more padding will take more risks. Although, there are plenty of examples of underprivileged people who stubbornly pursued an original, risky idea, including one of the most successful tech tycoons who ever lived: Steve Jobs.


I think privilege contributes to the rising number of entrepreneurs, but most universally attributable as a cause for such risk-taking ambition is probably the entrepreneur’s belief in him or herself. It’s modern confidence, and it’s been in part instilled by the internet and new technologies, which are major enablers to this boom, as they have given the capacity of expression and contribution to anyone with access to the internet. They have also made it much easier to pitch ideas to a large pool of potential investors.

Those that criticize the start-up era as being mostly made up of privileged millennials are not seeing the bigger picture. You have to understand that it’s happening on this scale not entirely because of privilege, but because it’s possible. And possibility will always attract the most stubborn, ambitious, and optimistic among us; although, these things I suppose constitute the most effective privilege there is.



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